The Stuber Auction Company
Northern Arizona's Professional Auction Service

We also would be happy to donate our time for your fund
raisers. Auctions are a great way to raise money. Bob is
always saying... "Will auction for food!" Contact us

This page will be updated when the crew gives me more
information, but this is a start:
The STUBER auction crew welcomes
everyone to our sales!
Auctioneer Bob White has been
in the auction business for
many years. Currently retired
from the Flagstaff Police
Department he lectures around
the country
Auctioneer Dot Dalegowski has
been involved in auctions for
over 20 years.  She owns
Dorothy's K-9 Grooming.
Stoney is our new partner
and auctioneer.  He owns S &
M Painting
Come on over and check us out.... but be
auctions are contageous !!!