The Stuber Auction Company
Northern Arizona's Professional Auction Service

  • You will have a great deal of fun!
  • You may end up with some incredible bargains!
  • You may become addicted to this type of sales!
  • You will soon meet a lot of nice, like-minded people!

There are some simple rules to follow when buying at live auction:

Everyone must register and obtain a "bidders card". You show this card
to the clerk when you have won the  bidding.

All sales are final. You are legally bound to pay for and remove the item
you have won, as specified by the auctioneer.  Make sure you know what
you bid on, and that you have inspected it to your satisfaction prior to
bidding.  Sometimes you may end up with a "pile" of stuff that includes
only a few things you may want.  Please take it all with you!  

By law, you may not collude with another buyer to pre-set a price for an
item that is being sold at auction.

Common courtesy is important to affect an efficient, smooth sale, so
please be nice to the other patrons, the staff and the auctioneer!

Intoxicated or disruptive persons may be excluded from the sale.

Please assist in keeping the premises clean and in good repair before

Keep track of the items you buy and secure them as you go.  In the midst
of the sale, people may mistake your stuff for theirs.

Thank you very much and enjoy the sales!
When participating in one of the Stuber
Auction Company's live auctions, you can
expect certain events to take place