The Stuber Auction Company
Northern Arizona's Professional Auction Service
We are here to provide you with a comprehensive service to
achieve fair market value for the merchandise you want to part
with, and doing so with a minimum imposition on your time.  

We charge commission on a sliding scale, with considerations given
to the amount and the value of the merchandise at hand.  The
knowledgeable and highly experienced team at The Stuber Auction
Company will gladly evaluate your sale requirements, and
customize an effective plan of action to best suit your needs.  We
feel that our service is extremely competitive, and encourage you to
compare us to other providers and resources.

We also provide non-profit organizations with fund-raising
assistance at little to no cost.

If you are considering an auction please contact:
Bob  928-699-7744

Thank you very much, and we are looking forward to be working
with you!
At The Stuber Auction Company, we know that your
time and your possessions mean a great deal to you!